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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the new Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management?

    It is a new qualification, at the same level as an HNC. It has been developed through consultation with the Water Industry to satisfy their need for a role-specific, but flexible structure that can be adapted to the needs of anyone working at Level 4 and above.

  • Is it a nationally recognised qualification?

    Yes. The qualification is accredited through the CABWI Awarding Body.

  • Who developed it?

    The new Level 4 Diploma has been developed with industry professionals from the UK Water Sector and CABWI, together with qualification and subject experts from Watertrain. The qualification drew on expertise from Water Companies, key Tier 1 Contractors and others with an interest in developing appropriate frameworks at Level 4.

  • Is it relevant to the Water Sector?

    Yes. This is a new and revised suite of high level qualifications eminently suitable for the modern industry, based on proven HNCs and greatly enhanced and expanded to meet the needs of the Water Sector now and in the future.

  • How does it differ from the current HNC qualifications that are available?

    The existing HNCs have a fairly rigid structure, with little flexibility. This sometimes requires an individual to complete units of study that may not be relevant to their role or need. The new Level 4 Diploma, can be accredited as a role specific combination of units, a ‘pick and mix’ combination of units to suit an individual’s need, or as standalone units to support a specific need.

  • Is it a classroom based qualification or more vocational?

    The new Level 4 Diploma is a Knowledge Qualification and, as such, requires students to gain an in-depth understanding of principals outlined in the Learning Outcomes. Therefore, in the main, a student enrolling on the new Level 4 Diploma will expect a high proportion of classroom attendance throughout their studies.

  • Who is the qualification aimed at?

    A key component of the new Level 4 Diploma is the flexibility it offers to roles across the whole spectrum of the Water Industry. For the first time at this level, students are able to undertake a course of study specific to their role. For more information on the roles the Diploma is aimed at please refer to our Qualifications Pathways

  • Do I actually need to be in a specific role in my company to enrol?

    Experience has shown that matching the requirements of a national qualification to the specific job roles in the Water Industry can be challenging. This is fundamentally the reason why the new Diploma has a much greater degree of flexibility than its predecessors. It caters for those students who are not in specific industry roles or perhaps who have additional responsibilities within their companies. With its mix of Mandatory and Functional specific modules we are confident that selecting an appropriate pathway of study for all roles in the sector is possible. Watertrain’s educational experts will be available to advise on specific individual requirements and pathway options.

  • Can I enrol as an individual or do I need to be working for a recognised employer?

    Yes. You can enrol through your employer or as an individual.

  • Is it appropriate for people working in the Water Supply Chain, Consultants and Contractors?

    Yes. The new Level 4 Diploma has been developed specifically to address the needs of the entire Water Sector; the Asset Owners and those organisations that support the industry.

  • Is the course Government funded in any way?

    The process has started to place the Level 4 Diploma on the register of fundable qualifications. As soon as the result of this exercise is known, we will update this website with the details.

  • How will I be assessed?

    During the consultation process, Water Industry representatives requested an assessment strategy more aligned to the working environment. As a result, each unit will have up to 70% of assessment designed around work based assignments or projects, which cover the required Learning Outcomes and have a business benefit to the employers.

  • How long does the course last, what is the pattern of study and what would my commitment be outside of the classroom?

    Typically, each unit will be divided into two-day blocks of study 4–6 weeks apart. There will be work based assessment or research activities to be completed between study blocks. The commitment for each unit would vary on an individual’s prior knowledge and experience. As a guide, an 8-credit unit would require 4 days attendance for learning delivery and a similar amount of time for research, study and assessment.

  • When will it be available?

    The new Level 4 Diploma will be available to take enrollments from either individual students or companies from the 5th June 2014.

  • Does my HR department know about this new qualification?

    All the HR Directors of the UK Water Company and Tier 1 Contractors and Consultants organisations will be made aware of the availability of the new qualification.

  • How do I register?

    In the first instance we would recommend getting in touch with us through the Contact us section of this website. You can contact us by telephone or email.

  • Will I have to travel to study?

    We aim to deliver our courses as close to the students’ place of work as possible, but this may also depend on whether you are intending to take a course of study sponsored by your employer or whether you are thinking of registering as an individual student. If you are likely to be sponsored by your employer, then we suggest that in the first instance you contact your own HR department.

  • Can I study by distance/e-learning?

    Not yet. We hope to develop a Self Directed Learning  (SDL) option at some point in the future, if there is sufficient demand from students and employers.

  • Can I just sign up for part of the course, a Module perhaps, and still receive a Certificate?

    Yes. Each individual module is nationally accredited and therefore attracts a QCF Credit Value, for more information please refer to our Qualifications Pathways page.

  • Will I be able to sign up for a Level 4 Water Apprenticeship as well?

    No not yet. We hope to have in place the necessary agreements and approvals to proceed to develop a future Water Higher Apprenticeship in due course. Please watch out for developments in this area through the website.

  • Will I receive a recognised certificate at the end of the course?

    Yes. Upon successful completion you will receive one of the following forms of certification:

    If you complete the qualification by taking all required units within a specific pathway, your Level 4 Diploma certificate will have this pathway indicated after the qualification title.

    If you complete the qualification by taking all mandatory units (4) and a mixture of optional units (6) from across the qualification, your Level 4 Diploma certificate will only have the qualification title, without any pathway reference.

    If you complete an individual standalone unit, you will receive a certificate of unit recognition. You can build up to a full qualification over time by completing units in this way.

  • Is it intended for the qualification to be available overseas?

    Yes. Please visit our international context page for more details.

  • Who can I speak to if I want to find out more?

    Please get in touch with us through the Contact us section of this website. You can contact us by telephone or email.