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International Study

Study the Water Diploma overseas

The flexibility of the new Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management makes it highly suitable for overseas students interested in gaining an accredited qualification in water.

All of our qualifications are accredited through UK awarding bodies. Watertrain will, if required, map these qualifications against qualifications delivered overseas and best practice. In addition, we will monitor any UK developments in terms of National Occupational Standards and teaching and assessment practice. This will ensure that the qualifications are of the appropriate professionally recognised standard for all international students.

Flexible study methods

Students from outside the UK have the option to enroll on a UK-based programme and undertake their studies in the UK or for Watertrain to deliver an appropriate programme ‘in-country’.

The flexibility of study patterns, pathway options and the opportunity to work at a pace determined mainly by the student makes the Level 4 Diploma particularly suitable to overseas students who want to learn more about the principles of the water industry in a Western European context.

As UK water practices have been adopted across the world; the Middle East and Asia, in particular, then the overall context of the Level 4 Diploma will immediately resonate with aspiring water engineers, wherever they may be based.

The delivery methodology is to teach the knowledge (academic) elements in a classroom environment, including using laboratories and workshops, which replicate field activities. Their implementation in the field will then be assessed.

Students will be taught by Watertrain’s highly qualified staff who have experience in teaching and assessing international students. As Level 4 Water is taught in English, students need to have attained at least IELTS (International English Language Testing System) level 6.0 to enroll on a programme of study.

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