Level 4 Water
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Diploma overview

A qualification for Water Industry professionals

The Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management offers a flexible, comprehensive qualification for professionals working in the sector.

The qualification is nationally recognised and is available throughout the UK. It has been approved by Ofqual and is accredited by the CABWI Awarding Body.

The programme offers flexible pathways and choices of modules for managers and team leaders who want to learn more about the discipline within which they are working. It does not simply focus on the technical skills and knowledge needed, but also covers the practical skills required to become a successful manager. These skills areas are finance and budgeting; project management; and leadership and development.

There is also the option to take single units to gain specific skills and knowledge as required. A full qualification will not be awarded, but credits will be certified.

The programme is open to individuals. We have a large number of qualifications running, so please contact us to be added to our waiting list.

Qualification pathways

The qualification concentrates on eight main pathways, identifying the most prevalent areas of the business. 

All pathways include four mandatory units.

  • Understanding the structure of the Water Industry
  • Leadership and management
  • Finance
  • The completion of an Industry specific research project 

Water Diploma pathways

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Wastewater Network
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Trade Waste
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Water Industry Operations

View the details of these pathways here.

View our brochure which provides more information on the qualification.

What are the aims of the Water Diploma?

The Water Diploma caters for a variety of different learner requirements and aspirations. The qualification has been designed to ensure that there are opportunities to develop the skills to meet the needs of Water Industry employers. It is also intended to provide a platform from which learners might progress to further study. 

General aims

  • Develop knowledge and skills relating to the Water Industry to enable a more effective contribution to the business needs
  • Develop a comprehensive set of skills to carry out the role of a manager within the Water Industry
  • Allow the development of study and research skills
  • Enable progression to Higher Education and membership of Industry professional bodies, e.g. Institute of Water Officers

Specific aims

  • Provide an understanding of specific areas of the Water Industry
  • Develop knowledge of water operations in terms of collection, treatment and distribution of water
  • Equip candidates with understanding of wastewater in terms of collection, treatment and disposal
  • Develop knowledge of the legislative and regulatory context under which water operations are controlled
  • Provide an understanding of the organisation and management of the Water Industry in the UK