Level 4 Water
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Water Industry Research Project

This unit has been developed to provide an opportunity for learners to demonstrate their understanding of outcomes achieved across a range of units. The anticipated outcome would be one or more conclusions reached through a structured process of research, which could be used to deliver a quantifiable business benefit.

The trainer led sessions will give the learner the tools and techniques needed to carry out a successful research project. The culmination of this activity would be the delivery of a presentation to a small panel of managers and tutors. This ‘end panel presentation’ will take place at a date to be arranged at the end of the Diploma.

Unit purpose and aims

This unit is designed to provide evidence that the learner can complete a research project to address a query, problem or suggest an improvement in an area that they have studied within their chosen pathway. The project would be expected to cross over several of the modules undertaken within their chosen pathway. This could be:

  • the management of a water resource, or
  • the principles of water treatment processes, or
  • the basic principles and components of a water distribution network system, or
  • the processes involved in the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater

This unit is dependent on the demonstration of understanding how to carry out a research project in the Water Industry. It will require the learner to select an area, and relevant Water Industry operational activities, to research and identify objectives for a specific project in their chosen functional area. For this reason, it is recommended that the learner should have started the course and have completed some of the operational units.

Assessment of this unit will be by:

  • The completion of an agreed business-related project that covers all assessment criteria
  • The production of a project report, including the justification of any conclusions reached
  • A presentation of the project to a suitable assessment panel, including a question and answer session

Subject linked to your company or the Water Industry

The presentation will be on a subject that will add benefits to both you and your company. You should discuss your intentions with your line manager, mentor or course sponsor. It should be of your choice, but agreed with your course tutor. The project will be on a subject linked to the operations of your company or the Water Industry.

As a guide, consider a problem or an issue related to your role where an improvement can be made. The improvement could be related to:

  • Improving customer service
  • Improving or ensuring the company’s compliance with regulations
  • Adding value for stakeholders
  • Reduction of risks to the business