Level 4 Water
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Additional Support Units and Alternative Units

In addition to the Mandatory and Pathway Specific Units, students have the option to take Additional Support Units and Alternative Units.

These can be taken to provide more in-depth learning in a specific area or support the candidate if they experience a change of role. The additional units are made up of some level 4 and some level 3 units. 

On completion of each module, a certificate will be awarded.

To view the outcomes for each unit, click on the relevant ‘Unit title’ below.

Click here to view a breakdown of the Level 4 Water Diploma units


 Project Unit Number Additional Support Units Credits CABWI Reference

Understanding health and safety legislation for water industry operations

6 3005
30 Understanding water sector construction and operational processes related to compliance and the environment 5 3003
31 Understanding the chemical and biological characteristics of water and wastewater 6 3002


 Project Unit Number

Alternative Units

Credits CABWI Reference
17 Customer service in the water industry 8 WOM417
18 Hydraulic principles and application in the water industry 12 WOM418
6 Water industry materials and components 12 WOM406
20 Civil engineering technology in the water industry 12 WOM420
15 Managing legal and environmental issues 8 WOM415
9 Water distribution 12 WOM409
7 Water resources 12 WOM407
12 Water treatment processes 12 WOM412
14 Managing operational resources 8 WOM414
10 Operation and maintenance of the wastewater network 12 WOM410
11 Activated sludge and advanced wastewater treatment processes 12 WOM411
16 Renewable energy systems 12 WOM416
25 Science and materials for water industry construction projects 12 WOM425
5 Wastewater treatment processes 12 WOM405
28 Understanding water sector plant identification, engineering maintenance and operation 6 3006
22 Contractual procedures and procurement for the water industry 12 WOM422
21 Production management for water industry construction projects 12 WOM421