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Future recruitment to the Water Industry

Where the Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management excels is in its attractiveness to both potential students and employers who are looking for a high level qualification matched to the roles within the sector.

A potential new recruit to the industry now has the flexibility to choose a specific pathway to study, based on industry roles, specifically aligned to the principal activities of the sector.

Human Resources professionals recruiting from outside of the industry at technician level or higher can now opt for a path of education where the flexibility of specific Water Industry pathways of study can be offered to new recruits. 

School leavers getting older

With the UK Government raising the school leaving age (ROSLA), a greater proportion of young people will then be qualified to A Level standard. It may be that the current range of Level 3 qualification structures in the Water Industry is unlikely to appeal or be an appropriate match for these individuals seeking employment opportunities in the sector.

A UK Water undergraduate programme does not currently exist and therefore many students enter the industry with a non-related degree and require high level technical upskilling as part of their wider induction. 

Watertrain already has a history of delivering a number of HNC/Level 4 technical programmes to Post Graduate students joining the Water Industry. Previously, the only qualifications suitable for graduates were the HNC in Water Operations and the HNC in Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering). However, following feedback, it was concluded that the HNCs were no longer suited to the changing requirements of the sector. Watertrain developed the Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management. The qualification delivers flexibility of pathway options and a modular approach more closely associated with Post Graduate study preferences.

In addition to providing an ideal route for future graduates entering the industry, the Level 4 qualification provides the perfect platform to develop the future Water Higher Apprenticeship and therefore offers more choice to the school leavers of the future.

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